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January 18, 2013
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You rubbed your tired eyes, looking at the words on the textbook page as your eyesight grew fuzzier too. You had huddled yourself up in the corner of your dorm, textbook sitting in your crossed legs. Tomorrow was in approximately an hour; and tomorrow was a very special day.

You yawned and shoved the book off your lap, standing up to stretch your legs and take a little break. About two years ago, you moved from your home in (country), switching you to a new highschool. Now, you were a first year university student, all on your own out in the big world. Everyone else at this school already knew each other from past years spent together. You felt a little out of place to start, but you were quickly accepted. Well, kind of.

On your very first day here, one of the more popular boys took a liking to you. He was a bit taller than you, loud and obnoxious, and to top it off, and albino. The closer friends the two of you became, the more you realized just how much his looks fit his personality. Within a month the two of you had become bestfriends, and here, now, it was already Winter time.

You yawned and walked into your small kitchen, opening the fridge and shivering from the cold air. You had just thrown on some thin leggings, a sweater, and done your hair up in a messy bun for studying. Pulling another highly caffeinated drink out of the contraption, you slammed the door shut and popped it open.

The drink made you jittery; bouncing and humming as you clicked on the television and sat on the couch cross-legged. You flipped through the channels to some classic cartoon, bending over and plucking your book from the floor. With a few more minutes of studying, you'd have it down perfectly. Or, at least you were hoping so.


Gilbert was awoken by a loud knocking noise at his door. Blinking the sleep from his eyes he sat up in bed, groggily checking the clock. Midnight exactly. He let out a loud yawn and ran a hand through his hair, rolling out of bed and finding no real significance at the time of night. Standing up in just his black and white boxers, he flicked on a light and stumbled towards the door. Opening it, he blinked down at you, before speaking.

"Why the hell did you get here this la—"

"Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!" You blurt out loudly, putting your hands on your hips and smiling proudly at him.


"Happy Birthday!"

A look of realization crossed his face and his mouth cracked into a giant grin. "…(Y/N)!" He squealed, his eyes widening as he dived in and wrapped his arms around you, picking you up in a bear hug. You shrieked as he spun you around in the deserted hallway, wrapping your arms around his neck and clinging for dear life. "G-Gil! Put me down!"

"I don't wanna!"

"Do it!"

He finally gave in, setting you back on your feet and pulling away. "Holy shit,  Mein Frau. You learned German!?"

You nodded, beaming up at him, obviously quite proud of yourself. German was your toughest class and he knew that, and the fact you stayed up all night memorizing a phrase meant so much to him. "Uhuh! And I didn't even have to use this!" You announced, holding up the palm of your hand were you scribbled the words as a reminder.

He smiled, quite proud of you himself, leaning down and kissing your cheek before hugging him again. "So you can speak German now?!" He asked excitedly, as you blushed.

"Well. Kinda. I've been working on that for like a month, you know. Hope you feel guilty about it too." You teased, rolling your eyes and giving into the hug.

"Ich liebe dich. What's that mean?"

"Uh…. Um. I haven't gotten that far yet. I kind of just focused on the swear words and that. Arschloch."

"Well you should find out soon. And get back to me as soon as you do."
Well, I've made my cheesy contribution to Prussia's birthday now.

I don't think I need to do much explaining on this fic, but anyways. In this you two are college aged, best friends, but Gilbert likes you a little more than just that.

There might be a part two if the readers want it, so let me know! Even though this is just part 6 of the reader-insert oneshot challenge, I can pick a story and continue it on later! Also, please suggest who else I should do soon!

[link] < Part 5
Part 7 > [link]


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!: Happy Birthday!
Mein Frau: My woman/girl
Ich liebe dich: I love you
Arschloch: Asshole

Prussia (c) Hima
Story (c) Me
Art (c) Artist
You (c) You
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LunaMoonWolf00 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"The closer friends the two of you became" When I read this all I said was f*cking yoda invading my Prussia fanfics!
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oh my god lol, you funny
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I know a bit of German thanks to my mom and her friend but I still have to use a translator for most stuff


Cute story

Sessinara Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aww so cute. ^^
It's not "Mein Frau" but "Meine Frau"
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JmMWn Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Naaaw, so cute! ^_^ Love it! But I have to tell you: It's really 'meine Frau' in that situation. I'm German, so trust me~ :D
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aww I love it ^u^ so cute also boxers are sexy~!
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