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January 20, 2013
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"Is it done yet!?" You whined, peeking over your bestfriend's shoulder as he mixed the batter.

"(Y/N)! I told you, it takes a while!" He blonde said, imitating your tone, but quieter. In response, you stuck your tongue out at him and turned around, about to leave when one of the kids came running in and tackled your legs. Playing along, you fell backwards and crashed into your friend Matthew, who in turn dumped the sticky mixture of batter everywhere.

You and Matthew Williams had been best friends since third grade. Now the two of you were second years in highschool, and learning to support yourselves and lead a life. You both talked to your parents and surprisingly, they went for the idea you proposed. See, you and Matthew wanted to be prepared for the world when you went to college. So, you two got an apartment and moved in together. It was simply wonderful; Matthew was the best roommate! He cleaned up your messes, helped you with your algebra homework, and didn't throw loud obnoxious parties. In return, you were someone he could truly let himself out around. Things were going swimmingly from about the first two months, but then you guys had a problem.

You needed money.

After long talks and tough consideration, you two decided that you had the perfect mix of skills to be babysitters. He was calm and could soothe kids, and you were more high-energy and could play all day. Not to mention his seemingly magical teddy bear named Kumajiro, who the kids absolutely loved. It was originally Matthew who came up with the idea, and you went for it. Between that and the small sums of money your parents gave you, the two of you were back in business.

"(Y/N)! Be careful!" Matthew shrieked as you sat forward, pulling the little girl you two were watching into your lap.  Her brother, a boy about a little older, was standing in the doorway, laughing at Matthew as he got covered in pancake mix.

"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"But the pancakes! Breakfast! What do we do now!?"

You chewed your lip and looked around; none of you had gone to the grocery, and you needed to help feed the kids breakfast as part of your job. "U-Uhm, don't we have anymore!?" You quickly set the child back on the floor, bouncing up to look over the counter and your messy roommate.

Matthew sighed and pulled off his glasses, rinsing the doughy goo off them and drying them, putting them back on. He cutely furrowed his brow, looking around at the counter aimlessly.

"You're Canadian! You should be able to like, whip up pancakes from no where! Use your Canadian Powers!" You said dramatically, trying to lighten the tension as you pointed a finger at him. He scoffed, opening his mouth to speak when—
"Yeah! Canadian Powers!"

"Canada Man! Eh Man!"

The kids shouted, following your example and pointing, each with their other hand on their hip. Matthew looked flabbergasted, his eyes wide in a bit of a shocked face.

You choked on laughter, covering your mouth with your hand. "B-Before you say anyth-thing, I'm not a bad influence!"

"…Why did I ever think this was a good idea? (F/N L/N), a babysitter."
Welcome to part 7 of the 100 oneshot challenge!

The basis of this is that I have this headcanon that Canada would be a great babysitter. He's calm, cute, and has a talking bear. I mean, of course he would be.

Sorry this one isn't very romantic! I'm not very good at romance and Matthew, but I wanted to do one with him.

[link] < Part 6
Part 8 > [link]

Please comment with your thoughts, and who you would like to see one written for soon!

Canada, Kuma, and Hetalia (c) Hima
You (c) You
Story (c) Me
Art (c) Artist
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